We often overlook the matters related to our floor drains. Floor drains include the drains that are in your bathtub, below your shower and even your sink. But actual floor drains are found in basements, garages, laundry rooms and even on driveways. The purpose of floor drains is to let water rush through rapidly. Therefore, it’s very important that the floor drains are clean, so water doesn’t get stuck and still inside them. As we ignore our floor drains and when they’re clogged, we start to panic and try to clean then but then it’s late as a minor clog transforms itself into a major clog. Then you spend money on getting it cleaned so we have your back so don’t worry as there are a lot of ways to maintain your floor drains. It’s very easy to tell when your drain is clogged. Water stops to pass by the drain and gets collected around the drain. Other than that, not only water but the shampoo, soap, hair or any dirt can’t escape. Even small clogs leave troublesome consequences to deal with. So how can we prevent our drains from getting filled up? Well here are some easy ways to maintain your drains so your house is always clean and not disgusted.

  1. After shower, always clean the top of your drain with a towel. This will remove any hair, shampoo buildup or any other product you used. Cleaning will not let the dirt go inside the drain and will prevent a major clog.
  2. Use a toilet plunger to clear the clogged drain but if the plunger isn’t helping, use plastic clog remover. For this you’ll have to remove the cover of your drain and let the plastic clog do its job. It will remove all the hair and soap clogs for sure.
  3. You can use this home remedy, which always works! Pour a solution of baking powder and vinegar down the drain. Then insert a plastic clog or a wire and rotate It around the drain till It meets the residue. The residue will fall on the bottom and you can wash that away. Baking soda and vinegar will cut the sticky stuff that is clogging your drain.
  4. Use effective toilet cleaners to clean your drains. They are strong and clean your drains properly.


If it has been a while since your drains haven’t been treated, contact your I Got Plumbing or HomQuest to do the job for you. It will not be a good idea to schedule drain cleaning people on monthly basis. This will always keep your drains clean and be running. For more details, contact 1-800-410-3057 or 949-229-5483.

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